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Becoming An IOC = Recurring Income + Great Benefits

When you decide to join Synergy Referral Group (SRG), you become an independent online consultant (IOC) in our trade association. Our members can earn income by referring new members to our community or by providing your knowledge and expertise for hire from your trade career.  Our association supplies you with a personalized IOC Trade website, complete with an online web office, while giving you all the resources, educational e-books and marketing tools you need to operate a successful online business career.

As we grow as an association, SRG will constantly be adding new free resources and marketing tools to continually ensure our members' success.  We also negotiate the best pricing of quality national products and professional services so that our Members can always utilize them to save money.

What Do You Get When You Join Synergy Referral Group?

7 Inch E-Tablet

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Complete Online Business Suite:

  • Consulting Business SRG offers its members a professional online consulting presence of their own through our trade association. 100% of the profits from referring new memberships or private consultations are always paid directly to you as an independent online consultant (IOC) and they are never shared with anyone.
  • Web Presence… We provide you with a members-only portal, such as this website, which is personalized just for your IOC business and actively ready to market online to millions of people. Hosting, maintenance, back up and search engine optimization is all ready to enhance your professional career.
  • Web Office…. Your online web office comes complete with business and marketing resources, software tools, referral membership log, private consultant invoicing and payment tracking system to run your business as an IOC for SRG.
  • Resources… Listings of the best companies to work with that are screened by SRG, such as call centers, prospect generation, social media management, and online marketing companies all in one place. We even provide links to free online advertising, classifieds, social media resources and much more.
  • Training… As part of your membership, you will have access to free e-Books, articles and training videos on Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and social media management (SMO).
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  • Advertising... SRG provides you with the best ways to generate prospects for both new memberships, as well as a platform to use your knowledge for hire as a private consultant both online and offline.  We employ professional copywriters and media professionals to create guided scripts, captivating advertisments and eye catching classifieds, combined with creative prospect generation and marketing software that is designed to help steadily build your income.
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Recurring Income:

  • Financial Plan… SRG has created a way for its members to build a recurring  income simply by referring new Members into its trade association.
  • Paid Member Referral Lines… Each Referral Line is created when you become a sponsor that signs up a new member to join our trade association through your personalized trade website. To become a sponsor, you must prove you know how SRG works by passing on your first paid Member to your sponsor, which will qualify you as a sponsor. This creates a Referral Line that continues with each new member passing on their first membership referral to qualify, to you as the original sponsor.  This will be done automatically through your websites software.
  • Recurring Income…. Each Referral Line brings you paid members without having to market or sell.  As an SRG Sponsor, $350.00 in Member Referral fees are always paid directly to you. There are no monthly products or service to purchase to generate income. Referral Lines only end if someone joins and then quits before passing on their first paid member referral to you or at the end of a 20 year period in accordance to Federal and State Laws.

Member Benefits:

As an Association, we work with the top online companies to bring our members special pricing on various products and services. After joining SRG, you will receive a package in the mail that contains your membership documentations and member benefts. This packet also includes your new e-tablet and your member cards to receive the following yearly Benefits:

Legal & Financial

Health Care





(See Benefits in Menu Bar for Full Details)

$100 Gift Card Bundle Pack

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SRG reserves the rights to exchange the bonus gift of a Coby TouchPad Tablet to a similar and equal product if supplies are limited. Member Benefits are subject to change in accordance to vendor’s availability. SRG vendors are responsible for fulfillment of services shown.  E-tablet is for New Members only and are not offered with annual Membership renewals.

SRG Consultants Receive All They Need
To Achieve Online Financial Success

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Phone: 800-631-8847
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